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Welcome to the Spoken English Video Tutorial Sessions!

Video Tutorial 1: Course Introduction

Video Tutorial 2: Class 1 – Nouns

Video Tutorial 3: Class 2 – Verbs

Video Tutorial 4: Class 3 – Verbs Continued

Video Tutorial 5: Class 4 – Verbs Continued

Video Tutorial 6: Class 5 – Adjectives

Video Tutorial 7: Class 6 – Adverbs

Video Tutorial 8: Class 7 – Pronouns

Video Tutorial 9: Class 8 – Reading Comprehension

Video Tutorial 10: Class 9 – Articles

Video Tutorial 11: Class 10 – Prepositions

Video Tutorial 12: Class 11 – Letter Writing

Video Tutorial 13: Class 12 – Prepositions

Video Tutorial 14: Class 13 – Conjunctions

Video Tutorial 15: Class 14 – Interrogation

Video Tutorial 16: Class 15 – Exclamation

Video Tutorial 17: Class 16 – Resume Preparation

Video Tutorial 18: Class 17 – Direct & Indirect Speech

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    • Hello Selvakumar,
      How are you doing?

      Our Spoken English tutorials will help you master Spoken English.

      The whole package consists of:
      1. Spoken English book
      2. More than 70 video tutorials of Spoken English lessons taught through tamil.
      3. You may contact the tutor to clarify all your doubts.

      Click here to buy the tutorials.

      We also conduct Spoken English classes in Chennai. If you are interested in attending classes or buying the Spoken English tutorials, please call 98849 19422/98849 19411. You may also email us at

      Happy Learning and we wish you all the best!


  1. I’m starting a course if Spoken English in Mumbai with a small group if students.
    Plz gv me some important tips .
    Thnk u Mam.

    • Hello Mr. Zaidi,
      I appreciate your interest to teach English at Mumbai.
      First and foremost you must be strong in ENGLISH Grammar, esp. verb,preposition and conjunction.
      Then direct and indirect speech and active and passive voice. Read a lot of books and gain knowledge
      and confidence.We have to teach correctly without making any mistakes. This is very important
      Good Luck,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Hello Ramesh,
      Are you staying in Chennai? If so, me in this no.9884919411.We can talk in detail.
      Otherwise pl. be more specific about your requirement.
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

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