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“I have attended the classes conducted by Mrs. Hari Shyamala Dharmar in Spoken English. It is a very comprehensive package which enables a Student to gain confidence by learning English and speaking it fluently. This course has helped me achieve my goal in life, especially attending the interviews and getting my favourite job at Infosys.”

Sahaya Anto B.E., MBA
Team Leader, Infosys, Chennai

Testimonial 2

“I am glad to say that the book “Spoken English Made Easy” and the corresponding DVDs, written and developed by Mrs. Hari Shyamala Dharmar have enabled our teachers and students to learn English perfectly without making any grammatical errors. The basic fundamental grammar  is covered extensively. The other topics like tongue twistters for improving the pronunciation and translation help the students understand the nuances of the language.

The audio-visual DVDs assist the students to learn English through Tamil as every thing is explained in English as well as Tamil. Any one who has studied in Tamil medium will find it easier to learn English and speaking it fluently, with confidence by using them in a systematic regular pattern.”

Mrs. Subathra Vettivel
Correspondent, Saradha Primary School

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    • Dear Vineeth,
      Thank you for your appreciation. If you are staying in Chennai, you can attend our class at Vellappanchavadi
      With best wishes
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

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