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Welcome to the Free Online Tutorial Sessions. It is important to first understand the basics. The following tutorials cover the basics of Spoken English. It also contains video tutorials.

Tutorial 1: Tips to Learn a new Language

Tutorial 2: Process of Learning a new Language

Tutorial 3: Skills to speak a new Language

The following tutorials focus on Parts of Speech.

Tutorial 4: Introduction to Parts of Speech

Tutorial 5: Understanding Noun

Tutorial 6: Understanding Verb

Tutorial 7: Translation – Tamil to English

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  1. Hi Anbarasi,
    Nice to hear from you!

    We will gladly help you in improving your English fluency.

    In this website, you can find many lessons on Spoken English. Soon, we will upload video tutorials which will help you learn English through Tamil.

    You can get in touch with the tutor in this id:

    You may also buy the complete set of 20 video tutorials and a spoken english handbook consisting of practice questions and exercises in this site.

    • Hi Dharshika,
      We have sent you an email about the Spoken English Tutorials. Please let us know if you have any questions.

      Warm Regards,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  2. Hai mam,
    I need to know a meaning for 007. I have searched in net but I am unable to know the meaning for that. so please leave a replay meaning for the word.

    • Hi Ganesh,
      007 is the code number for James Bond. James Bond is a movie character who is a spy for the British Intelligence Service.


    • Dear Bhuvana,
      How are you doing?

      We will definitely help you in improving your English fluency.

      If you are in Chennai, you may attend Spoken English classes here:

      Plot no 57, Door no 43,
      1st floor, Govindarajapuram,
      Guduvanchery – 603202

      If you are looking for a Self Study course, you may purchase the complete set of tutorials online. If you want us to send the DVD and book through courier, we can do the same. At any point in time, you can get all your doubts clarified by the tutor.

      Email all your doubts to We will respond with answers.

      Click here to get more information:

      Our contact numbers: 9884919422/9884919411


  3. good evening sir/mam,

    am suriya from andra pradesh.i want to speak english fluently with out any mistakes.

    so plz help me in it.

    • Hi Syed Suriya,
      We will gladly help you in speaking English fluently.

      Our Spoken English Book helps in understanding Grammar and contains a lot of practise questions and answers. You may purchase this book. This will be a good start. If you know Tamil, you could purchase the video tutorials as well. Once you complete learning these tutorials, you will be in a good position to speak English fluently.

      Please call us at +91 98849 19422/98849 19411 to get more information.

      Happy Learning! We wish you the best!


    • Dear Ashok,
      Thank for your mail. Glad to know that you want to learn English & need a trainer. Pl. call me on 9884919411 after first October. Since I am out of station at present, I will be able to give the details then.
      Thank you,
      With best wishes
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Sakthivel,
      Thank you for your mail.Our team appreciates your interest to learn English and improve your communication skill Pl. click the BUY TUTORIALS & all the details are given to learn online.If you want the materials pl. call 9884919411. Mr. Ravi will give you all the details.
      Best wishes for HAPPY LEARNING!
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar.

  4. hii mam
    i wanna speak english fluently
    soo pls be supportive to me in speaking english
    i hope you ll help me

    • Dear Nisha,
      After seeing your mail I think that your grammar is okay.Pl. read a lot of books in English. Start with simple story books like Little Red Ridinghood & Jack and the beanstalk.Then read Wings of Fire & Vision 2020 by Dr. Abdul Kalam in English. Read THE HINDU daily loudly. This will improve your Listening, Reading & Understanding skills.
      Wishing you all the BEST,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Prashanth,
      Usually there might be some confusion with short forms and proper English. You can start reading a lot of books. Please go to BUY TUTORIALS to buy the materials online or from Higgins Bothams.

      Happy Learning!
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Jayavel,
      Be Confident to learn the language. Come out of your fear and start speaking in English..Pl. download our textbook to learn the simple, basic English grammar and follow the suggestions ,given in the text.Read a lot of books. This will improve your vocabulary.Proper and correct grammar and vocabulary will enable you to speak in English fluently.
      Wishing you all the best,

    • hi Antony,
      If you are strong in English grammar, pl. read a lot of books in English.If you want to buy the book & the dvds click Buy Tutorials. All the details are given there.If you want to attend our classes, pl. call 9884919411 after the 1st. of October.
      Best WIshes,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

      • Dear Duraimurugan,
        Sorry for such a belated reply.If you are staying in Chennai pl. contact me in this number-9884919411.Then we can discuss what can be done.
        With regards,
        Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  5. I can speak english with less fluency. but i can’t write single paragraph without grammetical error. how can i overcome this. help me.

    • Dear Balapraveen,
      Since you can speak English fluently, it will be easy for you to write it, if you learn English grammar thoroughly from our textbook.Read as much as possible. While reading please observe the sentence formation and the vocabulary. This will help you a lot to write without mistakes.
      Best Wishes,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar.

    • Dear Maryangelamercy,
      Very happy to know that you are doing English Literature just like me.ENJOY learning it.Very few people only could get this opportunity.READ a lot of books, LOUDLY. This will improve your listening and understanding skills.Right or wrong, start speaking in English confidently
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  6. i want to talk in english fluently but i will not able to talk infront of my friends,when i attending interview or seminar i will not able to communicate because of fear,how i should overcome from these problem and i how should communicate,and how i should improve my selfconfidence,when i try to talk i feel that “whether i will talk in english fluently ah without anylacking” so mam i need your help to speak in english and how i should improve my softskills for interview purpose

    • Dear Dhivya,
      Sorry for such a belated reply.If you are living in Chennai, pl. contact me in this no.-9884919411.We have to discuss a lot. Since I am a soft-skills trainer, I can help
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Karthika,
      Please go through our text book to learn grammar Then read books like WINGS OF FIRE by Dr. ABDUL KALAM and WHAT YOUNG INDIA WANTS by CHETAN BAGAT.Both books are really good & quite inspiring .Reading will improve your vocabulary.If you are thorough with grammar and vocabulary you can speak English fluently.
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Sadaf,
      Read a lot of books.If you need assistance in grammar please download our text book &learn &do the exercises. Read THE HINDU newspaper loudly This will improve your vocabulary. Then you can speak English.
      Best Regards,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Jayapratha,
      Speaking English fluently is very easy. If you are living in Chennai you can attend our classes at Velappanchavadi.Otherwise buy the book & the dvds & learn at home.Your doubts can be cleared through Google+
      Best wishes
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar.

  7. please upload more viedos… i can understand while others speaking but i am not able to speak in countinously…pls help me mam or sir….

    • Dear ABIRAMI,
      I am glad to know that you are able to understand when others speak. Next step is speaking. Right or wrong you start speaking in English. Read a lot of English books. This will improve your vocabulary – words. If you know many words it will be easy to speak.
      Good luck!
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  8. hai madam, i want to speak english without grammer mistakes. and i dont know many vacabularies because from class one onwards i am studied in tamil medium…so please help me madam….i am very interested to speak english madam….and if you know any of a teacher please suggest me for taking the individual classes….thank you madam…..

    • Dear MANOJ,
      If you are staying in Chennai, you can attend our classes at Vellappanchavadi. Otherwise buy the text book and the dvds. and learn at home. All your doubts can be cleared through skype or google+
      Good luck
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  9. I am employee in coimbatore..but i don’t have english fluency…i have fear about english..i want to speak english fluently..what can l do pls help me

  10. Happy morning mam,

    im diploma mech engineer studying tamil medium. im working UAE exp is two month when i do not speak English and no understand eng pls help me.

    i know grammer but im reading sentance some time confused.whats a problem mam.reply me pls….

  11. i am working maths teacher in one big institution madam they expect fluency in english
    i want to join in your institution my place is poonamallee
    tell me near my home

  12. hi madam I want to learn some grammatical sentances and fluent English from you bt seriously I don’t have a time I want to speak and write English fluently and also brilliantly like u madam If u don’t mind can u help me madam pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez

    • Dear Bhaskar, If you are staying in Chennai, pl. attend our class at Vellapanchavadi. Other wise buy the tutorials at Higgin Bothams. The doubts can be cleared through skipe or google plus.
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Jeyalalitha,
      If you are staying in Chennai, you can attend our classes at Vellappanchavadi. Or you can buy the book and the dvds and learn at home All the doubts can be cleared through google+
      With best regards,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  13. Hi mam. I am your student Hamilda. How are you mam?. I saw your videos in youtube.
    It was so nice. Thank you for teaching the spoken english to me.Mam, I miss you and I love you forever.

    Thank you again.

    • Dear Hamilda,
      Nice to hear from you. How are you? How much have you scored in 10th? What are you planning to do? I too miss you all.

      Wishing you all the best,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

    • Dear Murasolimaran’
      If you are staying in Chennai, please come to our classes at Vellappanchavadi.PH;9884919411
      Best wishes,
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

  14. Hlo…mam..
    me is sajin ,,i am not confident at my english.i think more problem afffected only for the speaking time.plz… Hlp me…i want to speek english confidently at infront of any peoples at anywhere

    • Dear Sajin,
      Just come out of your mindset thet you are not able to speakconfidently. Be positive. Read a lot of books. Read The Hindu loudly. This will improve your confidence and you will be able to speak f
      Best wishes
      Hari Shyamala Dharmar

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