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This book is a sample of the book written by the tutor – ‘Spoken English made Easy”. [The syllabus of the original book can be seen here. Syllabus]

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338 thoughts on “Download Free Book
  1. I can speak fluently in English. I am a retired man and I want to start spoken English
    Classes in Kolkata so that I can generate some monthly income as I do not have
    Any pension income. Can u help me with teaching manual. So that I could
    Start this on my own with your guidance. God bless you. I hope to get a reply from you.

    You could make a miss call too. My no 09830249271. / 07003987448.



    • Dear Mr. Subramaniam,
      THANK you very much for your kind letter.Since the dvds are in both English and Tamil, they cannot be used in
      the classroom.But the text book is in English completely. This could be used as course material.
      Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours,
      Shyamala Dharmar

    • Hello Krishnamoorthy,
      If you are living in Chennai, you can attend our classes at Velappanchavadi.
      My 9884919411.
      Shyamala Dharmar

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