Skills needed to learn English

We need four skills to speak the language:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Tone & Voice Modulation


Grammar is the backbone of any language. Without it, it is very difficult to frame the sentences. There is no literature without grammar. Basic English Grammar, starting from the Parts of Speech proceeding to Kinds of Sentences is covered in this course, first explained in Tamil and then in English. So that Learning English through Tamil becomes easier for the learner to understand English Grammar clearly. It lays a strong foundation for the learner to understand, speak, read and write without making any mistakes. When he learns the the corresponding technical terms in Tamil, his understanding has no boundaries. For example, when we teach about framing a simple sentence with noun + verb or Subject, Predicate, Object and Component, the relevant words in Tamil…(Ezhuvai, payanilai , seyapaduporul) are used to make the learner understand it easily and enable him to speak the language fluently.


We have already talked in detail about vocabulary. Many suggestions have already been mentioned to improve your vocabulary.


Listening and Reading aloud help you a lot in improving your pronunciation. We, Indians, always have our Mother-Tongue-Influence (MTI). Listening and Watching the BBC News Channel help us a lot to overcome this problem. Many CDs like Linguaphone are available in the market to improve our listening skill and pronunciation.

Tone & Voice Modulation:

Our tone plays an important role in expressing our feelings. Be it Happiness, Sadness or Anger, we can make out from the tone itself. Voice Modulation also is necessary to express feelings, suggestions and advice. As a teacher of Spoken English I will casually ask my students – Who is their favorite actor and whether they could quote any dialogue from their movies. Usually they will say one or two words or at the most, a single line. But when I mentioned, *“Veerapandiya Kattabomman” they immediately started narrating the famous dialogue in that movie. How is it possible? That movie was released in 1962. Many of the students were not even born at that time. At the most they might have watched the movie in TV on special occasions. Then how is it possible to quote the lengthy dialogue? It is because of the tone and the voice modulation of the actor *Mr. Sivaji Ganesan (who is no more) which has made a great impact on the audience.

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